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Applying your decals and removal
Vinyl Decal Application Instructions (How to Put on Your Decals)
  1. Clean area thoroughly. If you have them, alcohol swabs work the best . Then let dry .
  2. Firmly rub over the decal using a plastic card (drivers license, bank card, phone card) and then carefully separate transfer sheet ( clear tape )  from the paper backing, your decal will come off the paper onto the transfer tape .
  3. Make sure that all the vinyl pieces are on the transfer sheet. If they dont come off on the first try , start over .(Use a sharp pointed object to help lift up the small pieces if necessary.)
  4. Position the decal on your item and starting in one of the top corners , diagonally rub over it again with the plastic card to to stick it to your item,  you want to avoid any air bubbles from getting underneath your decal .
  5. Wait 30 seconds and then remove the transfer sheet slowly, this will transfer your decal from the transfer sheet to the object that you are placing it on . If any air bubbles are present, press them out slowly and gently .
Vinyl Decal Removal Instructions (How to Remove Your Decals)
  1. If the area around the decal is dirty, give it a quick wipe down to remove soiled area. This will make your job  easier.
  2. Use a razor blade for scraping vinyl off windows. (Use a plastic blade if vinyl needs to be removed from the body of the vehicle). Hold it at about a forty-five degree angle to the glass, just under the edge of the vinyl. Carefully push the blade toward the decal to separate the decal from the adhesive. A gentle 'see-saw' motion with the blade may help. You may be able to peel the decal off once you have the edge lifted. Older decals will be more likely to split into little bits and generally are more difficult to remove.
  3. You can use Goof Off, Goo Gone, Rapid Remover, or a lubricant such as WD40 to help remove any stubborn adhesive.
  4. Use soap and water or window cleaner for final cleanup.
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